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Assisting Startups in Adapting to Changes During Times of Uncertainty

We Know Your Plans Have Changed,

We Are Here To Help

It's an opportunity to adjust your business strategy and GTM plans or establish new partnerships for business continuity

We Stand With You for business continuity:

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Analyze the Situation

Understand the impact of the changing environment on your business

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Assess Your Strategy

Evaluate the existing strategic plan, GTM and operational plan in the context of the changes

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Outline Next STeps

Brainstorm together, and Identify potential pivots and adjustments to your plans, product and current operations

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Connect and Support

Leverage our BizDev Exec community and network to support you on your journey

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Who We Are

“We are here to support early-stage startups, so ten years from now, Startup Nation will continue to thrive”

IronBiz, an initiative established during 'Iron Swords' time, is dedicated to supporting startups during these challenging times. We are a group of experienced executives who volunteer our expertise to assist startups and established businesses facing challenges in areas such as business strategy, go-to-market (GTM) strategies, marketing, sales, and fundraising.

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In collaboration with leading experts and leaders from Israel's top companies, startups & VC's


IronBiz and its members, collectively referred to as "Initiative" or "we," operate as a fully volunteer-run initiative. The Initiative offers consulting and support services to companies, as described above ("Services"). All services provided on our behalf are offered on a voluntary basis and are provided free of charge. The Initiative shall not be held liable for any consequences that may arise from the provision of our Services or reliance on them. Any action taken in connection with our Services is solely the responsibility of the user. All intellectual property rights in the website, this document, its content, and the services offered therein, including but not limited to images, names, logos, and trademarks, are the exclusive property of the Initiative and/or third parties who have granted the Initiative permission to use them on the website and in this document. Privacy . As part of your interaction with the Initiative, we may collect the following personal information: Name, First name, Phone number, Email address, and IP address. This information is collected for the sole purpose of contacting you in order to provide the service you requested. We do not sell, rent, or lease your personal information. However, we may share information about you with third parties for the purpose of providing the Services. We take appropriate measures to safeguard the security of the information in our possession. Different types of personal information are stored for varying periods of time, in accordance with the purposes for which the information was collected, our legitimate interests, and in compliance with privacy laws as required by applicable law. You have the right to request the removal of your personal information at any time by contacting us at the following email address: